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Hey Betics,

I am offering FREE registration to my $60 online jumpstart program until December 31, 2016.

Registration is restricted to people with diabetes only, please.

Event Date: January 1-3, 2017

Reset your blood sugar after the holidays with my 3-day diabetic jumpstart. Includes 2 days of instructor-guided fasting in 4-8 hour blocks, and a ton of blood sugar checking.

Registration Deadline: December 31, 2016

Event Schedule:

  • January 1: Watch the Baseline Blood Sugar Challenge video instructions in the evening and print materials.
  • January 2: Fast in the morning and in the evening, eating small meals during non-fasting times (schedule provided). Conduct hourly blood sugar checks during fasting times.
  • January 3: Fast during mid-day and overnight, eating small meals during non-fasting times (schedule provided). Conduct hourly blood sugar checks during fasting times.

After the jumpstart, you can optionally complete reflection questions and perform advanced analysis, or you can take your results to your doctor for medication/diet adjustments.

"Thank you for providing this program for me. After 13 years of not knowing what to do with myself, the fasting and meals of limited carbs was enlightening. My BG was always below 145 during the weekend. I hope to find a way to control myself. Again thank you." - September, 2016 participant

"You are a great teacher and provide so much helpful information! Thank you." - September, 2016 participant

"Great! As a pump wearer for many years I have done only 'mini fasts' in recent years which proved to be misleading, a full fast is not something I have done is say 20 years. This format is great, manageable way to get data for a 24hr period with minimal disruption." - September, 2016 participant

"Thank you for working to produce these materials, its so encouraging just to hear voices of other diabetics who face the same challenges I do!" - September, 2016 participant

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  Next Event: Baseline Blood Sugar Challenge - January 1-3, 2017
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Your Instructor

Kara Stiles
Kara Stiles

Hi, I’m Kara.

I have a diabetes educator level 1 certificate from AADE and a couple of bachelors degrees from the U of Arizona. I have a regular day job as a technology consultant, and even though I like my day job, diabetes is my true passion.

I’ve been type 1 diabetic since 1986. I’ve been attending diabetes camps since 1987. I’ve been a camper, a counselor, a staff director and training director at diabetes camps for the last 30 years. My late maternal grandmother had diabetes, and died from complications related thereto. Both of my grandfathers have diabetes, and so do my dad and my uncle. My little brother is hyperinsulinemic, which means that his pancreas is already overproducing insulin to counteract his body's insulin resistance. I hate diabetes!

But guess what. Diabetics aren't doomed. There is a way to have diabetes and still live a long and healthful life, but, at times, it can be hard as hell. Like, really, really, insanely hard. But I’ve finally figured out how to lower my blood sugars and keep my A1C at a reasonable level (5.7-6.3). And it's not easy, and sometimes I screw up, but my method is totally workable for anyone who wants to fix their blood sugar, including you. And I want to share what I’ve learned with you, so that you can be healthy and feel better, too.

With Betic Love,

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